Glowing Reflections: Heartwarming Testimonial from our Work Experience Stars!

2 min 8 June 2023

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting the talented duo, Morganne Jacobs and Sam Osborne, who are in their first year at Piggott Sixth Form in Twyford, for an exciting week of work experience!

During their time with us, we immersed Morganne and Sam in a diverse range of areas, including the worlds of cyber security, brand and communications, recruitment, and ESG.

We were absolutely thrilled to receive this delightful testimonial from them at the end of their week:

“It has been the ultimate pleasure talking to and getting to know such wonderful people. We appreciate massively you all taking the time to chat with us and give us such precious experience and advice.

We have so much appreciation and gratitude for everyone who took time out of their schedules to educate and teach us – not only on everything FSP, but also providing us with meaningful life and career advice, which we will carry with us into our next steps in life.​

The team here are one of a kind. Everyone works so well together and it has been an absolute blast to share this week with everyone!​

Your guidance and advice has been invaluable and has genuinely shaped our understanding as well as our expectation of what the working life should feel like. We will refuse to settle for anything less than the FSP standard!”

Sam and Morganne, we want you to know that we were genuinely delighted to have you on board, and your enthusiasm and dedication were truly inspiring. We wish you all the best in your future journey.

If you know of someone about to leave secondary education (sixth form or college), we currently have a number of vacancies open for our Apprenticeship scheme, find out more here: