Learner-Centred Training: Where Your Growth Takes Centre Stage

3 min 26 October 2023

By Vickie Birnie, Training Lead

Have you ever been to a training session that felt more like a monologue from the trainer? We bet it doesn’t feature in your top learning experiences!

We understand that a trainer-centred approach rarely leaves a lasting impact on your learning journey. While a knowledgeable trainer and intriguing content certainly play a role, the challenge lies in translating theoretical knowledge from the classroom to the real-world demands of your job. We have done our job when you can really see the training’s meaning for you, and how the content applies to your work.

That’s precisely where our approach to training comes into play. We believe in putting you, the learner, at the forefront of your learning experience. Think of it as crafting a design tailored to your needs, skills, interests, and challenges—a strategy akin to user-centered design. Our goal is to not only present you with relevant content but also to guide you in applying it to real-world scenarios that resonate with your professional context.

In our training sessions, we adopt a framework that we call ‘tell, show, do, apply.’ This methodology empowers you to actively engage with the material, fostering participation, enhancing your understanding, and promoting the practical application of new skills. The result? An increase in your retention of knowledge, ensuring that what you learn in our sessions becomes an integral part of your skill set.

We know that active participation fuels engagement, and engagement drives effective learning. That’s why our focus is on you, not us. Our trainers work tirelessly to ensure that every session is designed with your active involvement in mind. Whether you’re collaborating with fellow learners to tackle a problem or engaging in hands-on activities, our training sessions are far removed from lectures or one-way briefings.

We recognise that learning is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. Your unique challenges, aspirations, and skill gaps matter to us. Our team of dedicated training experts is ready and eager to engage with you in thoughtful discussions about your learning needs and skill enhancement goals. Whether you’re seeking to address specific gaps in your knowledge or exploring broader training design concepts, we’re here to guide you through the process.

In a world where training often falls short of expectations, we stand committed to putting you at the heart of your learning journey. Experience the transformative power of learner-centered training, where theory meets practice, engagement thrives, and knowledge becomes a lasting part of your professional toolkit.

If you would like to know more, our training experts would be happy to discuss any learning or skills needs you need, or training design in general with you.

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