Alexis Peralta – Associate Security Consultant

1 min 6 February 2023

When I initially joined FSP, I was in the process of completing the final year of my Informatics Engineering degree in Barcelona, where I am based.­ During that time, I was looking for an internship to complete my studies, when I saw an advertisement from FSP on my university job board.

In that moment, I knew that it was an amazing job opportunity, one that could not be missed. What was interesting about that offer, was that I was about to join a company with its HQ in a different country, with most of its team speaking a different language. Moreover, I had the opportunity to travel to the UK offices.

In addition, FSP spoke about values, people, culture, and respect. After some time working as an intern in the Barcelona office, I became interested in joining the Cyber Security team. It was one of my dreams since I was little, and it was about to come true. Everything was new to me as it was my first job position ever, but it was an exciting experience. 

I am currently an Associate Security Consultant based in Barcelona, seeking to grow and continue learning with FSP. I have been invited to the UK multiple times to enjoy company events or Cyber Security team updates. I was also recently invited to lead the Cloud Engineering capability panel discussion at the 2023 Kick off. It was an incredible day. I was able to prove myself and show everybody how my communication skills have improved. 

My experience at FSP has been amazing since the beginning. I am growing and learning a lot of new things about the professional environment. At FSP, I feel surrounded by good people with great aspirations who want to see me thrive.