Construction Engineering Company

2 mins 17 May 2022

FSP has been providing support to one of the largest prime construction contractors in the UK.

The Challenge 

In order for any construction company to remain competitive, cost efficiency is a key objective in day-to-day operations. This can sometimes be at odds with the increased threat landscape and the rising costs of cyber security solutions. With the increased demand for cyber security within construction contracts, information security has become a significant consideration within the construction industry.

The Solution

The company’s Information Security team wanted support to get better buy in from senior management, to articulate the real risks to the business and improve overall InfoSec maturity.

Using our experienced team, we were able to support strategy creation, provide risk articulation, deliver end-to-end projects and forecast budgets for ongoing Information Security maturation.


  • These activities have been critical in transforming Information Security from being viewed as an overhead to a key enabler allowing for new contracts to be tendered for.
  • This partnership continues to deliver expert advisory services, on a retained basis, ensuring that support is always available when it is needed most.
  • The breadth of this service means that they can get a blend of support from experienced CISOs and Principal consultants, to deeply technical penetration testers or security engineers.