Russell & Bromley

2 mins 20 May 2022

Russell & Bromley are a well-known UK brand providing high quality footwear and accessories through retail outlets and digital channels. 

The challenge

Being a long-established retail brand, there were legacy applications and processes that encompassed all areas of the business including their stores, warehouses and offices. This backdrop led to high complexity within the organisation and also presented a challenge to adopting more modern platforms to create new experiences for customers. FSP were asked to support R&B in defining a journey towards digital transformation for the whole organisation. 

The solution

We worked with Russell & Bromley to define a multi-year programme of change that included modernisation of the application estate, migration to a complete cloud-first model and roll-out of Microsoft 365 as the core productivity and communication platform.  We built a roadmap that was fully aligned with the business and in partnership with Russell & Bromley stakeholders provided digital consultancy, project services, business change and technical capability. 

Having delivered this programme of change, Russell & Bromley have been able to adopt more modern technology and ways of working that have helped them to successfully respond to the recent challenges faced by UK retailers.


By engaging on a digital transformation programme, Russell & Bromley were able to:

  • Use real-time customer data to support operational planning
  • Enhance stock taking mechanisms to ensure the right stock is ordered at the right time
  • Provide customers with a rich e-commerce and social media experience, supporting engagement with the brand