Tony Pimm – Partner, Modern Workplace

1 min 4 November 2022

When I joined in 2010 (before we had even formed FSP), it was very much on trust and the vision of the Directors who inspired a feeling of being part of something big even though we were just a handful of people with an even smaller list of customers.  We all had the passion and enthusiasm to build a great team and provide an exceptional experience for everyone which has still carried through to today.

My background was in software development and moving to FSP gave me the opportunity to elevate myself out of just development and take more accountability for our delivery and overall growth.  Over the years, I’ve been very lucky to be able to adapt and pivot my many roles as has been needed by the business to keep us flexible, allow us to keep growing and most importantly keeping me motivated.

To summarise some of my favourite memories:

  • Visiting our Barcelona team when first establishing their office
  • Moving out of “the barn” into our first “grown-up” office
  • A winning streak of back-to-back new customer wins
  • Winning Great Place To Work for the first time in 2016, on our first application
  • Establishing and leading our Modern Workplace team, with a clear structure, filled with great people under a shared purpose which is now larger than the whole of FSP was for the first few years!

Above all, the flexibility and trust that FSP gives me is immeasurable.  People are trusted to do the right thing, and everyone has got each-other’s back.  When people say “it’s the people that make FSP special” it really is true, we really are values-led, and we treasure those values proudly.