At FSP, we help organisations to utilise digital technology sustainably as well as making the technology itself more sustainable. Together, we can make a difference.

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time. In today’s world, we are confronted with some of the most pressing environmental challenges in human history. Digital technology holds immense potential for helping organisations modernise as well as become more efficient and more sustainable.

Here our team of experts share their insights, tips and resources on various topics related to the sustainable digital transformation.


a priority, not an afterthought. 

Our goal is for sustainability to become an inherent aspect of digital transformation, without needing to explicity denote it, or any other aspect of an organisation, as “sustainable”.
It should be expected that responsible organisations automatically prioritise sustainability in their transformation efforts.


prepare & accelerate your digital transformation

sustainability offers US AS digital leaders an opportunity to make our digital transformation initiatives more successful by improving efficiency, reducing costs, retaining talent and driving innovation.



We believe that digital transformation goes beyond the implementation of specific technologies; it is about delivering a shift in mindset to a digital-first approach, together with an underpinning operating model, to enable the organisation to leverage digital technology more effectively.

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SUSTAINABILITY – AN ENABLER for digital transformation

Our White Paper offers pragmatic advice on how to manage the impact of sustainability on your digital transformation agenda, and the opportunities and challenges it presents. While we acknowledge that we do not possess all the answers, we aim to highlight why sustainability is not only crucial for the sake of your organisation and the planet, but also an enabler for your digital transformation efforts.

Read it here: FSP – Sustainable Digital Transformation White Paper 2023

our insight


Our articles cover things ranging from sustainability maturity assessments and reporting on emissions from digital technology, to developing green software and encouraging people to adopt more sustainable ways of working. Select from the dropdown menu below.

Maturity through Sustainability

An article by Chris Campbell, our Principal Consultant, which explores the links between sustainability and digital maturity and offers practical suggestions on how both can help you create your digital transformation strategy.

Click here to read ‘Digital Transformation Strategy – Maturity through Sustainability’

Harnessing the Power of Data

An article by our Partner in Data & AI, Hrayr Diloyan, on how data and analytics is a pivotal enabler for organisations to fulfil their sustainability objectives, and how CDOs can use this opportunity to help their organisation harness the power of data.

Click here to read ‘Harnessing the Power of Data’

Embracing the Cloud

This article, written by Andrew Bunning, one of our Solutions Architects in the Cloud Engineering team, delves into how harnessing the flexibility of cloud technology can empower organisations to be both more effective and more sustainable.

Click here to read ‘Embracing the Cloud’

Measure your Cloud Carbon Footprint

Tony Pimm, our Partner in Modern Workplace and Paul Bevis, our CTO, highlight the importance of incorporating sustainability into your organisation’s IT strategy, and how measuring and reporting the carbon impact of your cloud usage is a crucial first step, and one will that will ultimately enable you to track the impact of your GreenOps initiatives to reduce your cloud carbon footprint.

Click here to read ‘Measure your Cloud Carbon Footprint’


Embedding GreenOps can not only help organisations be more efficient, reduce emissions and stay compliant, it can be a competitive advantage and help improve overall digital maturity. Find out more about what GreenOps is and how it can be optimised from our CTO Paul Bevis.

Click here to read ‘GreenOps’

Using Enterprise Architecture to get started and stay on track

With sustainability objectives firmly included within your digital transformation strategy, the next challenge is understanding how to start and know you are prioritising the right things. Richard Edwin, our Principal Consultant, tells us how Enterprise Architecture can be used to help prioritise, track and drive your sustainability initiatives.

Click here to read ‘Sustainability and Enterprise Architecture’

Storing Data is ‘Costing the Earth’

David Curran, our Partner in Digital Change & Adoption, writes about how storing your data is ‘costing the earth’, and how focusing on changing people’s behaviours, you can cut that cost by cutting down the ROT (Redundant Outdated and Trivial data). David breaks the issues and solutions down into easy-start practical steps to encourage sustainable data storage, while at the same time increasing efficiency, improving data security and reducing costs.

Click here to read ‘Storing Data is Costing the Earth’

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