Three colleagues named Inspiring Leaders of the Year in 2023

1 min 11 December 2023

We are delighted that Ryan Smith, Paul Bevis and Jack Tame have all been recognised by Inspiring Workplaces in their 2023 Inspiring Leaders awards.

Inspiring Leaders recognises those individuals at different levels within an organisation that continue to go above and beyond to positively impact the organisation and the people within it.

These levels are represented in four categories: CEO, Senior Leadership, Management, Frontline.

Qualities of an Inspiring Leader according to Inspiring Workplaces

We believe Inspiring Leaders exhibit the following traits:

  • They’re courageous
  • They’re humane
  • They communicate
  • They unleash potential

“There is a famous quote attributed to Sir Richard Branson that pops up on LinkedIn at least once a week, ‘People leave people, not organisations.’ With our Inspiring Leaders Awards program, we wanted to look at the positive side of the impact people can have within an organisation. Those that inspire, are authentic, unite not divide, lead by example, give not take, develop and nurture. This year’s winning submissions were full of these powerful examples of people that inspire those around and that exist throughout an organisation. Congratulations to them all and thank you for the example you set.”

Matt Manners, CEO & Founder, The Inspiring Workplaces Group

This is the third year running that FSP employees have been recognised for the Inspiring Leaders Awards. It is true testament to the exceptional culture that we have built at FSP.

Congratulations Ryan, Paul and Jack!