Unlocking Learning   

4 min 20 June 2023

By Vickie Birnie, FSP Training Lead, Digital Change & Adoption 

What does it take to unlock learning, so that the clients really receive what they need? 

Effective learning has a lot of moving parts. Everyone learns in a different way, and we need to keep several needs in mind when we design training.  

Our expertise in instructional design helps clients select the best combinations for their situation. The learning combination lock visual below encapsulates many of the elements we consider when developing training programmes. This approach makes our training stand out as relevant, engaging and ‘right first time’, delivering tangible results. 

Adapted by FSP from the model by Beard and Wilson 

Let’s look at how our customised approach can help clients unlock learning potential, and support change and adoption goals by providing what is really needed.  

Content design – we design learner centred training, so we think about what people need to be able to do after the session, not just share everything we know about a product or a topic!  

Delivery method – we select this based on the type of content and on the learner needs. For example, a static quick reference guide won’t change behaviours, and a video that is too long won’t be retained afterwards.  

Learning activities – training won’t work unless the learners do! We design interactive sessions to bring the content to life and link it back to the real world. We minimise the amount of ‘chalk and talk’ that goes on. 

Types of learning – we include a mixture of reflection, action and theory to cover a range of different learner preferences 

Modes of learning – we think about how people process information and cater for different preferences 

Emotions in learning – our extensive experience with individuals and groups has taught us that we need to create an environment where people can feel safe and respected before we take them into the stretch zone of learning.  

In conclusion, unlocking the potential of learning requires a holistic and customised approach that effectively addresses our clients’ unique needs. By focusing on content design, delivery methods, learning activities, types and modes of learning, and the emotional aspect of the learning journey, we provide tailored solutions that empower individuals to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for success. With our comprehensive approach, we are committed to delivering training that not only meets but exceeds expectations, driving meaningful change and adoption within organisations. 

We are committed to unlocking the full potential of your people. 

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