What Belonging means to the FSP team

4 min 31 March 2023

At our company-wide Unity event last September, International Inclusive Leadership Speaker, René Carayol MBE, praised our efforts and progress regarding equality and inclusion. He encouraged us to develop on the culture we already have and to reinforce our commitment to continuous improvement in relation to inclusion and diversity, by broadening our focus to include Belonging. Belonging being something that our employees feel as a result of our inclusion efforts.

Embedded in FSP’s values, is the constant reminder that everyone is encouraged and empowered to thrive and to be their authentic selves at work, so René’s advice was valuable in helping us toward that goal.

Reflecting on how we can put these insights into action, we’ve been thinking about Belonging on an individual level. We asked some of our colleagues to share what Belonging means to them.

See what they said here: